Tuesday, May 31, 2011

RemindMeLater 1.2.3-11 Released[Crack]

Updates: RemindMeLater Version 1.2.3-11 Released.Crack is out!

Version 1.2.3-11 Requires iOS 3.1Plus

Download: ReminMeLater Version 1.2.3-11  Official

Change The log :

Fixed a bug that was causing the screen to stay on after snoozing, which led to batteries being drained very quickly

Calendar reminders the way they were meant to be. Your phone has just notified you about a meeting that's coming up, but you aren't quite finished what you are working on. Do you stop what you are working on, or do you keep going and hope you remember to attend the meeting? With RemindMeLater, you don't have to make that choice.

RemindMeLater adds a snooze button to calendar notifications. By default the button will snooze for 5 minutes, but this can be changed from the settings page if you would prefer a different interval. Holding down the snooze button will reveal a slider that allows you to choose a custom snooze period from 1 to 60 minutes. If you don't notice a notification, RemindMeLater can repeat it every few minutes .

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Notes :
Previous Version:

Version 1.2.2-18  : Official
1.2-225 : Official 
1.1-80 : Official 
1.0.2-58 : Official 
1.0.1-7 : Official 
1.0.0-661 : Official

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