Friday, May 13, 2011

PhotoAlbums+v3.0.0.0-2 Released [Crack]


Updates: PhotoAlbums+ version Released.Crack is out!
  • Bugfix: Opening Camera/Photos app during or shortly after iTunes backup/sync can cause some photos to not show up correctly - fixed as far as possible. If it still happens just respring or kill app via Multitasking bar
  • Bugfix: In some apps like Photogene custom albums could show up twice
  • Bugfix: Fixed privacy issue where when viewing a private photo fullscreen and leaving app it would not hide the album
  • Bugfix: Move to album table view was slightly cut off at bottom
PhotoAlbums+ -
Download (Original deb for Cracking)

They say the best camera is the one you have with you all the time. And I'll bet you snap away like crazy with your iPhone camera. But what a pain to sort through the camera roll all the time.
You can easily sync back and forth through iTunes and your favorite photo managing app but Apple really left us out in the cold with organizing on the device itself.
Introducing PhotoAlbums+: a simple tweak, that will let you create, manage and password protect photo albums on your iOS devices.
  • add photo albums to stock
  • move photos and videos between  all albums
  • delete photo albums
  • password protect your private photo albums
  • copy the albums folder to your computer via USB


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