Sunday, May 1, 2011

[Crack] MyVolume v1.2 Relesaed


Updates :  MyVolume version 1.2 released. crack is out.

Version 1.2
  • added chinese translation
  • added portoguese translation
  • added disable buttons feature
  • added disable ringer feature
  • super accurate volume adjustments: 4x more accurate than Apple's volume.

Download Here
Version 1.2 - Multiupload

Introducing MyVolume, a tweak that finally allows you to manage your iDevice' volume like a pro. You can choose a custom value to increase or decrease your volume for every click on volume buttons, or select a value to set the volume to when switching to Silent / Normal mode. MyVolume has also an app listing feature, which allows you to silent certain apps when launched or to set a custom value for volume when the iPod app is launched, to hear your music at the right volume. Moreover, MyVolume will allow to tweak the volume increasing / decreasing actions by adding them vibration or hiding the HUD, or by reaching the minimum / maximum volume with only 1 click on the respectivebuttons. Thanks to integration with activator, you'll have your favorite volume level not more than 1 gesture far from you. You can set all those options in Settings and you can enable / disable the tweak also with the SBSettings toggle you can download separately.

MyVolume is translated in the following languages:
German thanks to NilsMa
French thanks to CrossingMan
Arabic thanks to nadeem97
Dutch thanks to veeence
Spanish thanks to RodolfoLopez
MyVolume requires iOS 3.2 or higher and works on all devices: for certain of them some features won't show up, though. (e.g all those features that plays with the Ringer Switch won't show up on iPod touches.).



Previous Version:
Version 1.1 - download myvolume_1.1_Robertnike.deb

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