Sunday, May 1, 2011

iSocialNet 0.8.90-2 Released


Updates: iSocialNet version 0.8.90-2 Released.Crack is out.

    Version 0.8.90-2
  • Fix Bug
  • UI changes
  • Friends List when updating twitter status
  • Multiple Account Login
  • Smoother scrolling

Version 0.8.90-2 - Download

This is a web browser which has facebook and twitter integration. check your newsfeed or timeline while quickly switching back to your web browsing. This application primarily opens up when launched as a fairly simple looking web browser with a nicely designed UI. However, it immediately becomes prominent that all isn’t as it seems with links along the bottom navigation bar to Twitter and Facebook to connect to these services from within the same application.
Notes: Installation


Previous Version:Version 0.8.55 - download com.dandymike.iSocialNet_0.8.55_iphoneos-arm.deb

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