Monday, May 30, 2011

LSRotator 4.0 Released

Updates: LSRotator Version 4.0 Relesaed. Crack is out!

version 4.0- Removed functions that manually rotated views.
- Switched to iPad's native orientation change awareness.
- Fixed several reported bugs
- Improved performance

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Rotate your LockScreen!

This tweak lets your iPhone's/iPod's lockscreen rotate according to your device's orientation when you flip your device.(like iPad)

Following SBRotator, this tweak comes now to fill the gap and lets you use your device in landscape at the lockscreen too.

You can lock orientation if you wish, by simply tapping the lockscreen with 2 fingers.

Rotation duration, orientation angles and graphical options are available under settings.

Supports Cydgets, CyDialer, LockInfo, ClockHide, SmartScreen and several other addons.
Submit requests to support more lockscreen addons .

Set your lockscreen free and use your favorite addons in any orientation!

Notes :

Previous Version0.94 : Official 

0.68 Beta : Official

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