Thursday, May 5, 2011

[Cracked] Display Recoder 1.2.1 Released!


Updates: Display Recorder Version 1.2.1 Released. Crack is out!

New Features in Version 1.2.1 :

  • Support LIVE VIEW on iPad
  • Support firmware iOS 4.3
  • Recording in H.264
Download Vesion 1.2.1: Download

Display Recorder 1.2.1 has released for iPhone. Display Recorder v1.2.1 is an iPhone app which allows you to upload your video on YouTube. You can record the display activity of your iPhone in .avi or .mov video files with the help of Display Recorder 1.2.1. You can also browse from your desktop browser by using built-in web server of Display Recorder 1.2.1.

1 Download Display Recorder 1.2.12 Download Display Recorder 1.2.14 Download Display Recorder 1.2.15 Download Display Recorder 1.2.1
Previous Version :
Version 1.2.0 Cracked : Official
Version 1.1.3 Cracked : Official
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