Tuesday, May 3, 2011

iSpeedTouch 2.3.0 Released

Updates: iSpeedTouch version 2.3.0 released.

iSpeedTouched is a free application of Filipe Pina available on BigBoss.
This application will permit you in theory to find possible passwords by default for networks with Thomson Speedtouch modems.


iSpeedTouched 2.3.0

New warning for the latest router (2010 + ) added in this version and lot of bugs which were reported by the users have been removed by this new release. New option for the redownload of the Tables included in this new version.
iSpeedTouched 2.3.0 finds the possible defualt password list of the Thomson SpeedTouch networks.
Notes: Installation
iSpeedTouched 2.3.0 iSpeedTouched 2.3.0
iSpeedTouched 2.3.0
 Previous Version:
Version 2.2 : Official 

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