Tuesday, May 3, 2011

[Crack] Tom Tom Celebrity Voice Download Now

Download Now: 
Simpson's Voices Ony


Star wars Voices Only:

All voices :

Instructions (iFile Method):
1) Copy "premium_voices.rar" to the following directy (SSH, iPhone Explorer, whatever you like):

User/Applications/TomTom.app(should be a folder of letters and numbers)/US-Canada.app(or whichever version you have)

2) Using iFile, unarchieve the "premium_voices.rar", once completed, double-check "premium_voices" folder to see if files are there.

3) Using iFile, Copy "premium_voices" folder, once copied go to the following folder:

User/Applications/TomTom.app(should be a folder of letters and numbers)/Documents

4) In this folder you shall see another folder with the same name called "premium_voices", go ahead and paste over this folder (Overwrite All)

5) Once this is done, make sure to close the TomTom App, if its already open in the multi-tasking bar. Launch TomTom, go to:

Change Settings/Voice/Celebrity Voices

6) In here you can choose the new voices, select one and make sure it plays back apreview. If it does you have done it correctly

7) If it DOES NOT, playback a preview of the new voice, go back to ifile and redo steps 3 and 4. Then go back into the TomTom app and retry the voice sample, you may have to uncheck and select another voice and then recheck the celebrity voice to get it to playback.

***Worse Case***

8) If it does not work at step 7, delete all files within the folders you changed or simplyuninstall the TomTom app and then reinstall. After this start the whole process over again.
Instructions (WinSCP Method):
thnx to steve51184:
did this with winscp works perfect but DON'T overwrite the folders delete them first THEN upload them as that's where i was having problems

mini tut that worked for me:

1. go to your tomtom folder i used WinScp and navigate to the folder '/var/mobile/Applications/(random numbers)'
2. delete the folder 'premium_voices' from the 'Documents' and 'Country.app' folders
3. upload the 'premium_voices' folder from the .rar you downloaded into the 'Documents' and 'Country.app' folders
4. done


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