Wednesday, August 3, 2011

EasyFindOnPage 1.0-1 [Cracked]

Updates: EasyFindOnPage Version 1.0-1 Released. Crack is out !

Require iOS 4.2.1 Or higher

 Simplified find on page for MobileSafari!
With iOS 4.2.1 Apple introduced the possibility to search the current web page in Safari. But this "find on page" option is quite uncomfortable: You have to tap the top right search bar and enter a search string. Besides starting a search on Google (which you might not even want) you'll get an "On This Page ..." entry at the end of the list. You might even have to scroll down until you can see it. Tapping this entry will show a panel allowing you to navigate through the matches found.
This tweak greatly improves your browsing experience. A new button with a magnifying glass will be added to Safari's toolbar. The usage, however, depends on the device type.
EasyFindOnPage is explicitly designed to work with Safari Download Manager
Tapping the toolbar button will immediately show the find on page panel with a keyboard so you can directly type in your search string. Additionally, tapping the 'Search' button on the keyboard will jump between the matches found. If you tap the toolbar button again the find on page panel will disappear.

iPhone/iPod Touch:
Tapping the toolbar button will present an input dialog where you put your search string. Tapping OK in the dialog or the 'Search' button on the keyboard will bring up the find on page panel. If you want to search again, just tap on the centered text label to bring up the input dialog. Tapping "Done" will hide the panel.

No symbol will be added to your home screen and there are no options to configure. This tweak directly integrates with MobileSafari.
No new icons are added to the homscreen. There are no options to configure.


Screen shoots

Download : Version 1.0-1 


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