Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Hell on Earth (3D FPS) v2.8.1 Released

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Updates: Hell On earth 3D FPS Version 2.8.1 Released.

Requirements : Compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch, & iPad.
Requires : iOS3.0 or Later
New Features In Version 2.8.1 :
Fixed The Issue with the game soundtrack

Features of The Version 2.8.1 :
- 26 professional game levels to fight through.
- Nine awesome weapons (Fist, Pistol, Shot Gun, Chain Gun, Rocket Launcher, Plasma Gun, Chainsaw, Double Shot Gun, BFG) to destroy the enemies.
- Original set of new enemies.
- Four difficulty and skill levels (Easy, Normal, Hard, Nightmare)
- Multiplayer Mode: Deathmatch and Cooperative play for up to four players via wireless Internet.
- Choose from three different control types or customize the interface to suit your needs.
- Powered by modified legendary Doom™ engine (id Tech 1 engine).
- Listen to the game soundtrack or disable it and use your own iPod music.

                           [Image: mzl.xdhgufgt.320x480-75.jpg]
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