Tuesday, August 16, 2011

iPod Memos v1.0 [Cracked]

Updates: iPod Memos Version 1.0 Released. Crack is out!

I got really excited to be able to get libgpod working. So, I decided to make something cool (originally, I was going to submit it to the HackNow contest, but I run out of time; unfortunately I was 1 hour late...)
So, what's this? With this tweak, you'll be able to add your freshly recorded voice memos to the iPod library. Just go to details view and click 'Add to iPod'.
Dependencies: MFMusicLibrary.framework -> libgpod -> glib, libplist, gettext
Version: 1.0
Download: http://bit.ly/q9QLS7
Dev: H2CO3

Stay with us for more updates............