Sunday, August 7, 2011

FindMyPhone 1.0.0-8 [Cracked]

                                        [Image: findmyphone1.png]

Updates: FindMyPhone version 1.0.0-8 Released. crack is out !

 Version : 1.0.0-8
Support IOS 3.1.2 & Above

Version: 1.0.0-8
* When sending your saved SMS with ! prefix don't play SMS sound. ! prefix with your saved SMS allow you to only receive SMS back from your iPhone that contains your iPhone location on Google maps.
* Fix location update. If the first SMS that you receive has a wrong location (an old location), a second SMS will be sent to you after 2 minutes with the right location.

[NOTE] Use any numeric key (even "1" is good) to activate the app under "License" tab.

Note: Installation Guide   

                                             [Image: findmyphone1.png]
                                             [Image: findmyphone2.png]

DownLoad: Version 1.0.0-8



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