Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Springtomize 1.5-5 Released[Cracked]

                                             [Image: springtomize1.png]

Updates: Springtomize Version 1.5-5 Released. Crack is out!
Require iOS 4 Or Higher

ChangeLog: Version: 1.5-5
1. Fu=ixed " Add BookMark" feature not working
2. Fixed Small memoryLeak
3. iOS 4.3.4 & 4.3.5 Support


      For More Information See The screen shoots Below:                                       

[Image: springtomize1.png][Image: springtomize2.png][Image: springtomize3.png][Image: springtomize4.png][Image: springtomize5.png][Image: springtomize6.png]

Springtomize 1.5-5 Demo Video

DownLoad: Version 1.5-5 Official

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