Friday, February 4, 2011

Apple will Release iOS 4.3 On February 14th ?

We’re getting close, guys. For everyone wanting to get their piece of iOS 4.3, the wait is coming to an end and will actually be released on Valentine’s Day. Macstories is reporting – “We just got word from a reliable source that iOS 4.3 should be available on February 14th at 10 AM PST.”

iOS 4.3 will bring iAd full screen banners, HTTP Live Streaming statistics, support for In-App Subscriptions, ability to stream video to Apple TV2 using AirPlay, and more. In addition to this we might get much awaited Personal Hotspot on AT&T as well. Stay tuned, we will keep you informed as and when more information on final iOS 4.3 release date comes-in!
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