Monday, June 20, 2011

6Switcher 1.0.3-1 Released

                                 6Switcher 1.0.3-1

Updates: 6Switcher Version 1.0.3-1 Released.

Requires iOS 4 or higher
changes the limit of 4 icons to 6 icons per page in app-switcher and adds some more small features to it(like reduces the height a bit)  

6Switcher 1.0.3-1 Features

  • Reduce the height a bit
  • Change the limit of icon per page
  • Initial release

 6Switcher 1.0.3-1 is a tweak foriPhone which is released by Akhil Tolani. 6Switcher 1.0.3-1 has the ability to change in application switcher the limit of four icons to six icons per page. 6Switcher 1.0.3-1 also helps you to reduce the height a bit and much more.6Switcher v1.0.3-1 is an initial version which is compatible for iOS 4 or later.


                                                     6Switcher 1.0.3-1

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