Monday, June 20, 2011

LockApps 2.0 Released [Cracked]

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Updates: LockApps Version 2.0 Released. Crack is out.

Merged Phone into the main package (LockApps Phone Addon is no longer necessary)
Added FaceTime
Added a settings panel

DownLoad: LockApps Version 2.0 Official

LockApps v2.0
LockApps is a collection of apps that run on your lockscreen. Version 2 contains Phone, FaceTime, iQuickBrowser, iQuickCalc, iEarth, and Settings. See below for more detailed descriptions of each. Phone allows you to make quick phone calls from your lockscreen. Just enter a phone number and go! FaceTime allows you to FaceTime from your lockscreen. Simply enter a number or email address and you're ready to FaceTime. iQuickBrowser is a web browser that runs on your lockscreen. It is fast and intuitive. It also supports saved states. The last URL typed into the address bar will become the new homepage. iQuickCalc is a simple and quick calculator that runs on your lockscreen. It may not have the raw number of features of an off-the-shelf calculator, or of your device's built-in calculator, but it has the advantage of being ready when you are. iEarth is a Google Maps viewer (using the satellite mode) on your lockscreen. It may not function as more than a viewer now, but be prepared for additions in the future. Settings is a simple settings panel for the app. Currently, it allows you to turn on and off Phone and FaceTime. In the future, it will allow you to do things like set a homepage in iQuickBrowser. What to expect in the next version: Custom homepage support in iQuickBrowser instead of saved states Weather A clock on the main page All of these apps are developed by calebstein and HackMyPhone 


                                  [Image: 4dd1e3d83a2f1.png]

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