Thursday, June 16, 2011

PrivateSMS 0.0.1-2 Released

                                               PrivateSMS 0.0.1-2

Updates: PrivateSMS Version 0.0.1-2 Released!

PrivateSMS 0.0.1-2 Features

  • Hide your list of SMS
  • Protect create message option

 PrivateSMS 0.0.1-2 is a tweak for iPhone which is released by FiliPPo Bigarella. PrivateSMS 0.0.1-2 allows you to hide your SMS list with the help of tap edit button and unlock/lock button. Do this process again for show your message if you don’t want to hide messages list. PrivateSMS 0.0.1-2 also protect your create message option. PrivateSMS 0.0.1-2 will not be added any extra icon to your home screen and you have no option for configure the settings.

Download Link: privatesms_0.0.1-2.deb

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