Friday, June 10, 2011

HD Photographer 1.2-46

                                         HD Photographer 1.2 46 HD On HD Photographer 1.2 46

Updates: HD Photographer version 1.2-46 Released.

*Updated to support iOS 4.3.x

*Under 4.3.x, the preview no longer zooms out to widescreen when enabling HD. Simply double-tap to do this manually. 

Requires an iPod Touch 4G

DownLoad : HD Photographer Version 1.2-46 : Official

This enables the taking of widescreen (720p) photos on the iPod Touch 4th Generation with the in-built Camera application. This effectively adds more megapixels to the resulting photos at the cost of losing the traditional 4:3 aspect ratio.

Because of this cost, this tweak also adds a button to the Camera app that toggles the tweak in case you would like to retain the original ratio.
There are no icons installed for this item, and no settings to configure. 


[Image: hdphotographer1.png][Image: hdphotographer2.png]

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