Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Mail Enhancer 2.0-3 Released [Cracked]

                                     [Image: mailenhancer1.png]
Updates: Mail Enhancer Version 2.0-3 Released. Crack is out!
Requires iOS 4.0 or higher

* Fixed: Notification Templates 

* Added: Unread only button
* Added: Custom localization picking
* Added: Notification templates
* Added: Custom volume
* Added: Quiet hours

* Added: Different notification types (high / low priority)
* Added: In-app signatures
* Added: Account highlighting in inboxes
* Added: Different signature on reply
* Changed: New "unknown contact" handling, including "sender name"
* Changed: Volume does not change when iPod plays
* Changed: Mute sounds on volume button use
* Fixed: Performance
* Fixed: HTML tag search improved 

Download : Mail Enhancer Version 2.0-3 MULTIUPLOAD

Description : Multiple signatures, Custom Notifications, Quiet Hours, Highlighting, Show Unread Only, HTML usage.\ No problem at all with Mail Enhancer 2
Full feature list:
- Quickly show all / only unread mails in one single tap!
- Account highlighting in Inboxes makes it easy to distinguish your different accounts
- Add a signature for every mail address, including special signatures to use for replying (even In-App signatures)
- Signature will be added automatically to every new mail, reply, forward
- Quickly swap sending email addresses and its signature
- Use HTML in your signatures
- Custom notifications for incoming mail (vibrate x-times, popup, custom sound, speech announcement)
- Custom notifications for low- / high priority accounts
- Customize the notification text
- Choose iTunes Ringtones as "incoming mail" sound
- Sound / Speech can be enabled for silent mode or while in a phone call
- Use custom volume for your notifications
- Set up Quiet Hours wherein you won't be disturbed by sound or voice notifications
- Speech can be selected to speak only when headphones are used
- Speech can speak the senders name and number of incoming mails
- Use volume buttons to quickly mute the Mail Enhancer sounds (like Phone.app)
- Use HTML code in mail compose
Please note: Currently, only English is supported until I've got time to include the translations. You can - of course - set up your custom templates though!
Thanks for your support!
Check out the screenshots and video demo below for details.
No new icons are added to your homescreen. You can configure options from your Settings app.

See further below for Screenshots

[Image: mailenhancer1.png][Image: mailenhancer2.png][Image: mailenhancer3.png][Image: mailenhancer4.png][Image: mailenhancer5.png]


Previous version:

 Version 2.0-2 Official 

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