Wednesday, June 15, 2011

ThemeIconMaker 1.0 Released

Updates: ThemeIconMaker Version 1.0 Released.

Requires iOS 4 or higher

Creates missing app icons for themes
Did you ever had a theme that was missing icons? If yes, ThemeIconMaker is for you! It can add 99% of your Cydia apps in your theme with a click of a button! To use this app, simply tap the "TIM" icon, select your theme then click "Do all icons"!.

Download Link: themeiconmaker_1.0.Harobaronews.deb

Note : this does not work will all themes, the theme should be able to automaticaly modify App Store apps, so I can get the mask and shadow for the icons.
To detete a theme : Because themes have new files, they will not be removed from WinterBoard when you uninstall them with Cydia until you delete their folder. So I've made a simple way to delete these folders : First, before uninstalling the theme with Cydia, slide your finger on your theme in the TIM app and click the "Delete" button. Then you can uninstall it in Cydia.
See further below for Screenshots



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