Monday, June 13, 2011

AnyRing 5.0 Released [Cracked]

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Updates: AnyRing Version 5.0 Released.Crack is out !
AnyRing 5.0 Requirements
  • Firmware: iOS x
  • Devices: iPhone, iPod touch and iPad

Download: AnyRing Version 5.0 MultiUpload
AnyRing 5.0 is an iPhone Tweak which allows you to choose any song or your recorded voices to set as Ringtone on your iPhone. AnyRing v5.0 enables you to change the SMS Ringtone on your iPhone. With AnyRing v5.0 you can also choose the starting point /ending point of the song which you want to set as ringtone. AnyRing 5.0 also allows you to share your Ringtones via Bluetooth with AnyRing 5.0 running iPhone. 
New in AnyRing 5.0:
AnyRing 5 has new eye-catching design
Totally Rewritten from the ground up
UI & Graphics were completely changed and look far better (Done by Design Studios)
New Contacts screen
New Contact Ring screen
New Ringtone options screen
New Songs/Albums/Artists screen
New ‘Record Your Own Ringtone’ screen
New ‘Received/Downloaded Ringtones’ screen
Can now set contact SMS Ring
Added ‘Email Ring’ for new messages
Added YouTube support (Download & Use as Audio Ringtone)
Added Facebook Share
Activation screen & Purchase are now much faster
Added new ‘More’ screen
Ringtone changes occur immediately without respring
Uses far less memory
Loads much faster

Notes:   Installation - How to install the application, Tutorial

AnyRing 5.0 Download AnyRing 5.0
AnyRing 5.0
AnyRing v5.0 Download AnyRing 5.0
AnyRing 5.0
AnyRing5.0 Download AnyRing 5.0
AnyRing 5.0
AnyRing 5 0 Download AnyRing 5.0
AnyRing 5.0
AnyRing5 0 Download AnyRing 5.0
AnyRing 5.0

AnyRing 5.0 Video Demo

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