Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Color Keyboard 1.1.6 Released [Cracked]

                             [Image: colorkeyboard1.png]

Updates: Color Keyboard version 1.1.6 Released.Crack is out !

Requires iOS 4.0 or higher

Not compatible for iPad
Colorize keyboard on you iPhone (iOS 4+)
Now, you can change colors of key buttons or you can add background image on keyboard. 

Version 1.1.6
Fixed bugs regarding background image theme
Features of Version 1.1.6:
  • Added Customizing Features(Grid elimination on Numpad)
  • Fixed Crash issue when selecting backGround on setting App.
Color Keyboard for iPhone is a Tweakreleased by author “Yoo Seung Kim”. Color Keyboard 1.1.6 is an updated and latest version of color keyboard, which is a tweak for iPhone. With the help of Color Keyboard 1.1.6, you have option to change the background image for your own choice and even colors of key buttons. More Themes have been added in Color Keyboard 1.1.6 and you can also move the theme with the help of this.

DownLoad : Color Keyboard Version 1.1.6 MULTIUPLOAD
Colorize keyboard on you iPhone (iOS 4+)
Now, you can change colors of key buttons or you can add background image on keyboard.

[ Key Features ]
* Change background color.
* Insert background image.
* Change foreground key color.
* Change round rect radius of key

After installation,
Settings > Color Keyboard > Select Theme > (Tap the Theme) > Save & Respring (Top Right)

Read here to make your own theme

[!]Important[!] Theme folder is changed: new folder is /Library/ColorKeyboard/Themes/

No new icons are added to your homescreen. You can configure options from your Settings app. 


[Image: colorkeyboard1.png][Image: colorkeyboard2.png][Image: colorkeyboard3.png][Image: colorkeyboard4.png][Image: colorkeyboard5.png][Image: colorkeyboard6.png]

Previous Versions:
Color Keyboard Version 1.1.5-1 Official
Color Keyboard Version 1.1.4  Official
Color Keyboard v1.1.3 - Official
Color Keyboard Version1.0.1-2 download colorkeyboard_1.0.1-2.deb
 Color Keyboard Version 1.0.1

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