Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Grooveshark 2.3.1 Released

                                   Grooveshark 2.3.0 Download Grooveshark 2.3.0

Updates: GrooveShark Version 2.3.1 Released.

ChangeLog: Version  2.3.1

  • Various bug and stability fixes
  • Updated payment section to accept promo codes
    New Features In Version 2.3.1 :
  • My Music is now in the App!
  • Introducing Song Menus: Previously tapping a song would result in that song being played. Now you see the Song Menu where you can make the decision yourself.
  • You can now add/remove songs from My Music via Swipe Menus.
  • We added subscription information to Settings page and gave you ability to extend your subscription from the app.
  • Faster add to/fetch from My Music/Favorites.
  • We updated our designs and UI! Check out the new 'Now Playing' screen.
  • Now you can play on-demand content without affecting station recommendations. Smiling a recommended song in a station adds that artist to station seeds. In short, stations are more like they do on the site.
  • Added 80s, 90s alt rock and Dubstep stations.
  • Disable functions that require network connection while in offline mode (create playlist, save queue, share, add to My Music/Favorites).
  • Automatically remove songs from the queue when they are removed from Offline (while in offline mode).
  • Add alert to destructive Remove-from-Offline buttons (remove playlist or favorites from offline).
  • Queue correctly handles large batches of songs.
  • Repeat is now remembered even after quitting the app.
    ** BUG FIXES **
  • Station starts playing when first opening player.
  • Crash: When opening Now Playing.
  • Songs in playlist and queue do not immediately updated with new My Music/Favorite values.
  • Crash: Playing a playlist.
  • User can logout while in offline mode, then can't log back in.
  • Escape-to-homescreen causes memory leak.
  • Offline album removed from offline when leaving the album page or artist page.
  • Crash: share via Twitter or Facebook.
  • When last song in the queue finishes, pressing play again does nothing.
  • Current queue song is now smiled when radio is turned on.
  • Crash: adding songs to queue sometimes crashes.
  • Crash: radio song crashes the app if the player has been launched more than once. 
Download Link: grooveshark_2.3.1.deb

Grooveshark 2.3.1 for iPhone has released. Grooveshark 2.3.1 is an iPhone Tweak which allows you to access world’s music library. Grooveshark v2.3.1  permits you to search and play number of songs. Grooveshark 2.3.1 also connects you to your saved and favorites playlists through your Grooveshark account. 

 This requires a Grooveshark Anywhere subscription ($9/month) -- sign-up easily from inside the app.
Grooveshark Mobile connects you to the world's music library. Search and play millions of songs, and access your favorites and saved playlists with your Grooveshark account. For unlimited access beyond the trial period, go to and sign up for $9 a month. It's your music, everywhere
Users upgrading from 1.x: Unfortunately, as a byproduct of all the great changes we've made you'll have to re-offline any content that was previously offlined.
See More Info below for screenshots  

Grooveshark 2.3.0 Download Grooveshark 2.3.0
Grooveshark 2.3.1
Grooveshark v2.3.0 Download Grooveshark 2.3.0
Grooveshark 2.3.1
Grooveshark2.3.0 Download Grooveshark 2.3.0
Grooveshark 2.3.1
Grooveshark2.3 0 Download Grooveshark 2.3.0
Grooveshark 2.3.1
                                    Grooveshark 2.3.0 Video Demo

Grooveshark 2.3.1



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