Wednesday, June 29, 2011

PCNetworking 1.6 [Cracked]

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Updates: PCNetworking Version 1.6 Released. Crack is out !

Change Log : Version1.6
Service Start fix for uncleanly jailbroken Devices
Sysctl Fixes For uncleanly JailBrokenDevices
Additional Consistency Checks Based On user feedback

When you will install  it will activated immediately after install.

YOU MUST REBOOT YOUR DEVICE BEFORE YOU CAN USE YOUR PHONE AS A SHARED FOLDER If you installthe .deb and then try and turn on network access, it'll constantly just change itself back to 'off'.

Windows networking for iPhone, iPod and iPad, using Samba.

This package adds native Windows networking support for your iPhone, iPod or iPad.

Your device will appear in Windows' network locations, and you will be able to browse & transfer files from/to it seamlessly, as you would do with another Windows computer.

The configuration is done in Settings.

NOTE: when the device goes into sleep mode, Wifi is disabled. PC Networking uses Wifi, so it needs your device to be awake in order to be accessible.

See the Screenshots below

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Note: Installation Guide

Download: Version 1.6


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