Saturday, June 25, 2011

SMSEnhancer 1.0 Released


Updates: SMS Enhancer Version 1.0 Released.

There are already Tweaks in Cydia Store Such as such as MarkThatMessage and Cyntact that offer services that give you contact photos and timestamps. Cyntact however is just for the and MarkThatMessage is strictly for the SMSEnhancer takes both those features and incorporates them into one and places it into the

SMSEnhancer, by Alexandros Melakis (@melakis), tweaks the conversation windows to show timestamps and contact photos of those in the conversation. Each time you send a message, it has an icon by your name (one that you choose). Then whatever contact photo you have set for the person you're messaging in your will show up next to each message bubble. At this point, the settings are minimal with enable timestamps and contact/your photo, but new features are imminent as the implementation is creative.

What makes this tweak unique is that the contact photos add an IM feeling to your With timestamps, you can know when you receive and send texts. Not to mention, it adds a little more functionality and has potential for future incorporations.

It has not been released yet but has been submitted to Cydia. When available on Cydia, it will cost $.99. Stay posted for its release and of course, keep refreshing Cydia! It is compatible with the iPhone all the way to the iOS 5 Beta (iOS 5 Beta 2 has not been tested and the iOS 5 Beta doesn't allow for a tab; basically, you can't enable/disable toggles of Cydia tweaks because PreferenceLoader is not supported currently.).

Name: SMSEnhancer
Author: Alexandros Melakis
Version: 1.0
Price: $0.99

This application has not been made available but has been submitted Cydia. Expect the release soon.

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