Monday, June 13, 2011

PocketMode 1.1 Version Released [Cracked]

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Updates: PocketMode version 1.1 Released. Crack is out !

PocketMode v1.1 is an initial version which is compatible for iPhone and its requirement is iOS4 or higher.

Version 1.1 :

Added SMS functionality
Added configurable sensitivity
Improved settings handling

ALS settings are now restored after call is terminated

Download : PocketMode Version 1.1 official

PocketMode 1.1 is a tweak for iPhone which is released by Nick Dawson. PocketMode 1.1 detects when your phone is in your pocket or bag and makes the phone steadily ring higher to alert you when you receive calls or texts. If you don’t like noisy phone and also don’t want to miss the important calls then PocketMode is the ideal application for you. There is a night mode option, if you do not want the loud ring at night then enable the Night mode. PocketMode 1.1 performs by utilizing the background sensor light which is detect the darkeness of a bag of pocket.

PocketMode detects when your phone is in your pocket or bag and makes the phone gradually ring louder to alert you to incoming calls and text messages. As soon as you take the phone out or answer the call the ring volume returns to normal. Perfect for those who don’t want a noisy phone all the time but don’t want to miss important calls or texts.

PocketMode works by using the ambient light sensor to detect the darkness of a pocket or bag. Don’t want your phone ringing louder at night? Enable night mode to disable PocketMode at night time.

PocketMode can also override the mute switch temporarily for phone calls when enabled and is fully configurable to customise how you fast you want the volume to increase. Simply set your normal ring volume as usual and PocketMode will increase it from there!

Compatible with all iPhones on iOS4 and later.

The settings page allows you to enable and disable PocketMode as well as configure how it behaves.

You can set PocketMode to ignore the mute switch when it detects its in a pocket by enabling this first toggle. Doing so means when in a pocket and the ringer switch is set to vibrate the phone will still ring until you remove it from your pocket. This setting overrides the mute switch for calls and texts.

The sensitivity slider lets you set the trigger level for detecting if its dark or not. By default this is set to 5 lux. Sliding to the right will increase it up to 10 which means anything less than 10 lux is considered dark enough to be a pocket or bag. Setting to 0 by sliding to the left will require absolute darkness and isn’t recommended as this is rarely achieved.


The first slider set how long in seconds PocketMode waits before increasing the volume again. This can be any setting from 0 to 30 seconds depending on your preference. Setting it to 0 will make PocketMode increase the volume as fast as possible. By default this is 2 seconds.

The second slider sets how much the volume goes up by each time PocketMode increases the volume. This can be anything from a small fraction of the volume to the whole volume depending on your preference. If you wish for it to gradually increase set this very low.

Text Message

Enable or disable PocketMode for text messages. This lets you set the volume of text message alerts when in a pocket or bag.

Night Mode
Night mode allows you to avoid unwanted disturbances at night when the darkness of a room might be falsely interpreted as the interior of a pocket or bag. By enabling night mode and setting the hours you want PocketMode will check this before enabling itself and instead your phone will ring normally or just vibrate depending on your normal settings.

Set the time in hours and minutes you wish night mode to run during using the sliding pickers.

E-mail me or use one of the methods listed on the contact page for support and feature requests.

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