Saturday, June 4, 2011

AppAlert v1.1-1 Released!

Updates: AppAlert Version 1.1-1 Released.Crack is out!

Requires iOS 4.0 or higher

Add auto launch option.The app will run automatically.

Add repeat mode .
Compatible with Notified,MobileNotifier.LockInfo

Download: AppAlert Version 1.1-1   MultiUpload

With AppAlert you can set an alert for any app and customize the content. When the time is up you will get an alert just like a push notification. Just click the view button you can launch the the application, or the close button to ignore.


Configure AppAlert from the new icon added to your home screen. 

[Image: appalert1.png][Image: appalert2.png]
[Image: appalert3.png][Image: appalert4.png]

AppAlert v1.1-1

 Previous Version:
Version 1.0-4 official

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