Wednesday, June 15, 2011

FaceBreak 1.60 Released [Cracked]

                                         [Image: facebreak1.png]          
Updates: FaceBreak Version 1.60 Released. Crack is out !

FaceBreak Version 1.6:Fixed rare crash on 4.3.3

DownLoad: Version 1.60 Official 

Enable FaceTime over 3G ! With 1 click and no setup, you can get FaceTime running over 3G and use it anywhere you want. No more looking up for nearby WiFi connection to use FaceTime. - Just install and Respring. FaceTime will now also work when on 3G!

Note - If for some reason after a reboot FaceTime refuses to connect, just respring by Disabling and then Enabling FaceBreak inside the Settings Menu (under 'FaceBreak'). Anyhow, you can avoid that by waiting 1 minute and then retry again

FaceTime can be enabled/disabled from the iPhone Settings under "FaceBreak". 

Notes :
Previous Version:
1.50: Official
1.41 : Official 
1.40 : Official 
1.16 : Official 
1.15 : Official 
1.13 : Official 
1.12 : Officia

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